It takes just one guest to flood their room and you could be looking at tens of thousands of dollars in damages and lost revenue. Our self-powered flow monitors will alert engineers of excessive water use and running fixtures immediately, via text and email, so they can rectify the problem before excessive damages occur. At the same time hotel brands that take their sustainability initiatives seriously will understand the value of having data on water consumption down to the room level and even associating consumption with each guest's stay. Imagine being able to congratulate a guest for using less water during their stay then the hotel average.



Installing our self-powered flow monitors on a sink is very easy. Your staff will simply detach the supply line from the bottom of the fixture, attach our flow monitor and re-attach the supply line.


Toilet monitors are installed just like the sink monitors. Not only will these monitors send alerts when a toilet is running they can also detect ghost flushes and slow leaks and seepage from the tank.


We are developing the shower monitor. We envision that it will replace the neck of the existing shower.