Whether you own or manage older multi-family housing properties or are building new construction Water Meter Solutions self-powered flow monitors will help you protect your property and save money. 


Most tenants don't pay their water bill. Toilets that are constantly running or are ghost flushing and go unreported cost property owners a lot of money.  By simply attaching one of our self-powered flow monitors to the bottom of the toilet tank where the supply line screws on you'll begin getting alerted when a specific toilet in a specific unit is experiencing a problem. 

  • Easy to install, no batteries & no maintenance
  • Virtually tenant proof
  • No more sweeping through a building looking for leaks
  • Get real-time notifications via text and email


Sub metering individual units has never been easier. You'll be able to install our self powered flow monitors in-line during construction. Once installed they will report daily water usage for each individual unit.

We will be producing a number of sizes. Pipe fittings will include Copper, PEX and push-to-connect technology.