Want to better understand who's taking those 30 minute showers? Want to get alerted when a toilet is constantly running? Many times students are unaware of their water usage habits and behaviors. Our self-powered flow monitors will alert engineers of excessive water use and running fixtures immediately, via text and email, so they can address these issues right away. Colleges and Universities that take sustainability seriously understand how displaying usage data for students to see can curb overuse and decrease consumption. Our solution allows you to get as granular as you want. See water usage at the dorm level, floor level, room level and fixture level. Imagine being able to run contests to see which dorm, or floor within a dorm, or room within a floor, conserves the most water. 



Installing our self-powered flow monitors on a sink is very easy. Your staff will simply detach the supply line from the bottom of the fixture, attach our flow monitor and re-attach the supply line.


Toilet monitors are installed just like the sink monitors. Not only will these monitors send alerts when a toilet is running they can also detect ghost flushes and slow leaks and seepage from the tank.


We are developing the shower monitor. We envision that it will replace the neck of the existing shower.