Water Meter Solutions has developed patent pending flow monitoring devices that are self-powered and do not require batteries or electricity. Our devices are virtually maintenance free.
Once installed they add a layer of digital intelligence to your facility's potable water supply system. Our solution combines monitoring and analytic tools that provide insights into water flow and use across an entire potable water supply system allowing maintenance and engineering departments to optimize performance, prevent leaks and manage consumption right down to the individual fixture or appliance.


Small self-powered devices are made to be easily retrofitted and installed in existing potable water systems throughout a facility at each point of use of water. These devices use the water flowing through them to generate enough power to send the water usage data they record to a gateway located on the facility premises. This gateway is connected to the facility internet via ethernet or WiFi. The gateway uses this internet connection to send the data it receives from the individual devices to a cloud computing environment.

In the cloud computing environment the data is analyzed and stored so that users with the appropriate permissions can review and manipulate the data, allowing them to identify ways to optimize system performance, detect leaks and manage consumption down to each point of use of water within the facility. 

Users with the appropriate permissions can also receive reports and leak alerts via mobile device, SMS, in-app notifications and email.